Last night at Blake Medical Center, Dr. Veronica Socas presented to over 70 people.  They were very interested to learn more about the minimally invasive solutions that Manatee Gynecology can offer patients.  Millions of women suffer from pelvic conditions like bladder leakage and prolapse. Bladder leakage often occurs during physical activity or when coughing, laughing or sneezing. Pelvic organ displacement, or prolapse, occurs when pelvic floor muscles are weakened, causing a feeling of bulging or pressure. The good news is, today there are minimally invasive solutions that can help restore your body and enhance your quality of life.  โ€œThese pelvic conditions do not have to be part of aging,โ€  says Dr. Socas.  If you missed this last presentation and want to join us next time, please look at our events page for the next presentation time and date.